Bike Monkey Athlete Profile: Jesse Cameron

The last two years have been a pretty great ride for Jesse Cameron. This Bike Monkey loves exploring trails with riders like Matt, Luke, Josh and Ben while always pushing himself further and harder. One of his favourite things about being part of the Bike Monkey team is getting to lean on the skills and experiences of his fellow riders and explore routes and trails he never would have had access to before.

Jesse is a relative newcomer to the sport and to the team but in a very short time, he’s come a very long way.

As a kid, Jesse remembers riding through Victoria Park with his dad who had to push him up some hills because he just wasn’t strong enough to do it on his own. That’s not a problem anymore.

Jesse came second in Ride The Gorge 2017 for under 15 riders and is always looking to get better. Jesse trains twice a week, getting pumped up with grunge music before rides, and then rides in the NS Race MTB and Enduro races on his Giant XTC Composite.

When he’s not rolling through the woods, he’s often found rolling on slightly smaller wheels. A scooter kid at heart, Jesse also loves BMX Dirt Jumping and video games. When he needs to refuel, his favourite food is yogurt. If you want to see what Jesse is up to, follow him on instagram @jesse_cameron14.

Jesse’s favourite animal is the Amazonian Dart Frog. It’s brightly coloured, fast, and most of all, deadly.


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