4 Poor Excuses To Not Start Biking

So you’ve been thinking about giving cycling a try. You understand the basic premise and despite maybe not biking for the past 10…or 20…or 30 years, you’ve come to understand that it’s “as easy as riding a bike.” Great. So how do you actually get you started? Well, here’s 4 Poor Excuses To Not Start Biking

I Don’t Own Any Spandex

That’s fine. You don’t HAVE to wear spandex to ride a bike. Does it help? Maybe. But do you want to know what really helps you bike? Being comfortable. There’s no reason to start out with super expensive clothes that make you look like you’re one step away form the Tour De France. You can probably get to that point if you really want to. But you don’t HAVE to wear spandex to ride a bike.

So what SHOULD you wear? Well, start out with sometimes that’s going to let you move. Skinny jeans are not the ideal bicycle pant choice that you might believe them to be. You want something flexible but not so baggy that you’re going to get it caught in something. And to protect your pants from your chain, pick up a trouser band.

Super cool gloves, a cap, rain gear and so on can (and probably eventually should) all be purchased down the road so when you start out, focus on the bike and not necessarily on the super sleek spandex suit.

I Don’t Know Anything About Bikes

That’s ok. That’s what your bike shop is for. A good bike shop LOVES to talk to people that are interested in getting started but don’t really know much. It’s a great opportunity to teach someone the ropes. Any bike shop worth anything should be a place where people feel really comfortable asking questions that they think sound silly. If you’re just getting started, ask the silly questions.

When you pop into the shop, be honest. Let them know that you don’t know much about biking. Be honest with them about your fitness level. Be honest with them about your interest level. Be honest with them (and yourself) about how much and how hard you’re going to ride. There’s no point walking away with a bike that’s made for top racers if you’re only planning on biking around the block a couple of times a month.

Bikes Are Uncomfortable

Honestly, you were probably on the wrong bike. A bike should feel pretty good when you’re riding it. Or even when you’re just trying it out. This is where it’s really helpful to make your way to a reputable bike shop to try out a bike. Sporting good stores are often staffed by people that know a little bit… about most of the things they carry. A good bike shop is filled with people who know what they’re talking about when it comes to all of their products.

Can you sit on the bike comfortably? Can you pedal comfortably? Can you stop and rest comfortably? And most importantly…is it your favourite colour?

KIDDING. So many people buy so many things because they’re friend has one just like it or they liked the colour or they liked the way it looked. But there are some pretty ugly bikes out there that do a damn fine job and there are some very pretty bikes that belong in magazines and not on the road. Buy your bike for all the right reasons. Does it feel good? If it doesn’t, ask the associate to adjust it where possible so that it DOES feel well.

I Can’t Afford A Bike

Sometimes, that is absolutely the case. But think about all the things that you CAN afford in place of a bike. You can afford coffee…twice a day…at $2 a cup? You can afford a new bag? New shoes? New hats? New floor mats for your car?

A good bike isn’t cheap. But most shops have a selection of bikes that are reasonably priced that will do everything that you need them to do. And a lot of bike shops (cough..cough…click here) offer payment plans if you can’t afford to buy a bike the day you step in the store.

There are a lot of reasons to not start biking.

We just don’t know any good ones.

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